ROCKTON, Ill. — AccuLynx gave away two motorcycles as part of their “Rev up your Profits Big Bike Giveaway” as a show of appreciation to their customers and fans at the 2012 International Roofing Expo in Orlando, Fla. To qualify for a winning ticket, attendees wore brightly colored AccuLynx T-shirts while the crowd chanted the company’s name. 

The company has retooled and redesigned their web-based software platform. AccuLynx 2.0 will have a more user friendly interface, customizable work flow and a convenient dashboard. Over the next few months, 2.0 will replace the original platform by migrating current users and allowing all new users to jump right onto the new version.

Version 2.0 addresses the concerns customers have had over the past few years to include customized reporting, more detailed project management and an easier, more intuitive user experience. 

“Our main focus has been to give the end user a more engaging social feel with their coworkers while also consistently knowing what the next step is on a project at all times,” said Richard Spanton Jr., CEO. 

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