Roofing Contractor:What are some NRCA guidelines/recommendations for asphalt shingle roof assemblies you’ll be reviewing during your IRE seminar?

Maciek Rupar: We won’t just be addressing NRCA recommendations. There will be discussions of the latest round of asphalt shingle product warranty changes and asphalt shingle recycling. The presentation will provide background information about asphalt shingle performance metrics provided in material and test standards referenced in building codes and specifications. We will review the latest model code changes applicable to asphalt shingle roof assemblies. We will also review NRCA best practices for asphalt shingle fastening, various flashing conditions and attic ventilation, and address related questions.


RC: Any advice for contractors when it comes to product selection?

MR: NRCA has always maintained that a material’s history of successful past performance is the best predictor of future performance. We have also cautioned about selecting products based solely on their warranty lengths. These recommendations haven’t changed.


RC: What are some common issues reported to NRCA involving steep-slope systems?

MR: A typical call involving a steep-slope roof system is from a homeowner. Most common technically focused questions are about attic ventilation and ice damming. We also commonly address requests for advice about resolving various concerns with ongoing and finished roofing work. Many are non-technical issues and cover a broad range of topics including weather, site supervision, workmanship, finished appearance, material selection, site protection, etc. Most of those should and can effectively be addressed before a sale in the course of a discussion between the owner and contractor. We placed this information on our website and — when practical — direct homeowners there.