WASHINGTON, D.C.The Center for Environmental Innovation in Roofing (Center) is proud to announce the launch of its new PV Racking Task Force. The task force, comprised of key stakeholders in the commercial roofing industry, will meet at this week’s Solar Power International conference in Dallas, Texas, to continue its work on improving the integration of solar power on the nation’s rooftops.

The rapid growth of the U.S. solar market in recent years has led to unintended consequences and challenges in commercial rooftop applications. By bringing together technical experts in commercial roofing, the task force will identify these key challenges to the effective integration of solar racking systems on the roof, develop practical solutions and formalize workable criteria to address the challenges of rooftop solar racking systems.

To accomplish its mission the task force will work toward four main objectives: identify and evaluate the various racking system technologies available; identify the key performance factors required for successful rooftop solar racking systems; identify measurable standards that can be used to assure key performance factors are met; and develop a comprehensive guideline for the evaluation and selection of rooftop racking systems.

Current task force members have formulated a list of proposed performance criteria for low‐slope racking systems and members are in the process of vetting the criteria against commercially available systems. The Center expects to move forward in crafting measurable standards after the task force’s October meeting.

For more information on the PV Racking Task Force, or to participate, visit www.roofingcenter.org/. Or contact the Center Staff at 866-928-CEIR or 202-380-3371, or e‐mail the Center at PVTaskForce@RoofingCenter.org.