Englert Inc. has announced plans to market and sell retrofit framing systems from Roof Hugger Inc.

Englert Inc. has announced plans to market and sell retrofit framing systems from Roof Hugger Inc., providing customers and prospects with fully-engineered re-roof framing systems to replace aging, leaky metal over metal roof systems too expensive to maintain.

Roof Hugger’s patented, pre-notched systems and their Eco-Fit energy efficient re-roofing systems work well with integrated metal roof systems that incorporate Englert’s UltraCool standing seam panels, its solar BIPV laminates and solar thermal systems that qualify for federal renewable energy tax incentives. Depending on where the project is located, a multitude of State and Local loan guarantees/funding, grants, renewable energy bonds and tax programs are also available.

“In these challenging economic times, architects and developers are realizing that a Roof Hugger retrofit system and a standing seam roof are cost effective solutions to nagging roof problems,” noted Tom Dyszkiewicz, senior vice president of business development at Englert. “Installing both can eliminate the need to remove old roofing materials at a high cost, eliminate any business interruption that can cut into profits, save up to 70 percent of the labor cost for preparation of an old roof and reduce dependency on fossil fuels and other direct energy sources while qualifying for a 30 percent federal tax credit. Meanwhile, our contractors can expand into a new area of business, installing fully engineered re-roof framing systems that can meet all required slopes, eliminating roof leaks. This is a win-win solution for everyone and we look forward to working with Roof Hugger in meeting our customers’ needs.”

Englert sales and architectural representatives will provide architects and contractors with the guidelines necessary to design and install Roof Hugger retrofit systems.

For more information, visit www.englertinc.com and www.roofhugger.com.