New shingle recycling program provides contractors with an environmentally friendly option for shingle disposal.

CertainTeed Corporation is teaming up with East Coast Shingle Recyclers Inc. of Lansdale, Pa., to launch Roofing Responsibly, a new shingle recycling program that provides contractors with an environmentally friendly option for shingle disposal.

CertainTeed currently recycles waste at all of it nine shingle manufacturing plants throughout the United States and has been actively exploring multiple shingle recycling models for torn off roofs.

"For a number of years, recycling shingle waste from our plants has been an excellent additive for road paving," said Bob Gardiner, vice president of marketing for CertainTeed Roofing. "The challenge lies in how to successfully recycle torn-off shingles, an effort that is currently limited by state permitting. Our hope is that our program with East Coast Shingle Recyclers will serve as a model for the advancement of other recycling programs regionally or even nationally."

Introduced in eastern Pennsylvania, CertainTeed’s Roofing Responsibly program offers CertainTeed-credentialed contractors the ability to incorporate jobsite recycling for virtually the same cost as a typical dumpster and disposal. Specifically, contractors schedule the delivery of a compartmentalized dumpster to a worksite. Shingles, along with wood and nails, are placed in the dumpster compartments. The old shingles are then recycled into paving materials that are used in new road construction.

“More than 12 million tons of asphalt shingle waste went into landfills last year,” said Jay Butch, senior marketing manager for CertainTeed Roofing. “Roofing Responsibly can help contractors add value to their businesses by keeping old shingles out of landfills and putting them to good use. We are equipping contractors with the tools they need to position themselves as environmentally friendly and differentiate themselves in the marketplace.”

As part of the program, contractors receive distinctive marketing materials, including an exclusive “Roofing Responsibly" designation on the  Find A Professional page of the CertainTeed website. The contractors, as well as homeowners, can check East Coast Shingle Recyclers' site to track the processing of their torn off roofs. In addition, a certificate is sent to the homeowner, documenting the amount of debris that was ultimately diverted from the landfill.

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