CertainTeed Cedar Impressions polymer shakes and shingle siding is now certified through the Vinyl Siding Institute Product Certification Program. 

CertainTeed Cedar Impressions polymer shakes and shingle siding is now certified through the Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI) Product Certification Program. The certification provides installers and homeowner’s confidence in the siding’s high performance attributes, verified through an independent certification program. Cedar Impressions, known for its realistic design and detail, also meets the 2006 International Building Code and 2006 International Residential Code as indicated by the ICC Evaluation Service.

“Form and function go hand in hand with our Cedar Impressions line of polymer siding, as it does with all our siding products,” said Drew Brandt, director of product marketing for CertainTeed’s Siding Products Group. “The authentic detail that creates the timeless beauty of Cedar Impressions is immediately visible; whereas performance isn’t always as evident. VSI’s independent certification is one more way we let customers know that Cedar Impressions meets industry performance standards.”

With more than a decade of successfully certifying exterior cladding products, VSI added polypropylene, commonly referred to as polymer siding to its VSI Product Certification Program in 2010. To qualify, polypropylene siding must meet or exceed the performance criteria of the ASTM D7254 Standard Specification for Polypropylene (PP) siding, which includes tests for weatherability, wind resistance, and impact resistance, among others. VSI’s third-party administrator, Architectural Testing, Inc. (ATI), reviews and conducts twice yearly, unannounced inspections.

“In addition to being an attractive, durable choice for home exteriors, certified polypropylene siding offers added assurance that the product has passed a variety of performance tests,” said VSI President and Chief Executive Officer Jery Y. Huntley. “While some manufacturers claim their siding meets the industry standard, certification through VSI is the only way customers can ensure that their polypropylene siding has been independently verified by an accredited quality control agency.”

Injection molded with durable polymer, Cedar Impressions panels are thick and extra rigid. Its innovative features combine for strong, consistent performance designed to withstand hurricane force winds. Other performance attributes include a patented PanelThermometer and temperature lines for precise installation and reinforced nail slots for secure installation. Ribs on the back of the panels add structural stability for extra protection against warping, cupping and distortion. A molded Perimeter Lock creates a seamless look that also holds panels securely together. 

The classic design of Cedar Impressions captures the look of freshly sawn wood and a finely crafted appearance without the expense and heavy maintenance of wood. Cedar Impressions offers the widest color selection in the industry, ranging from deep rich hues to the always popular neutrals, and fresh WaterColors to provide unlimited design possibilities. For more information, visit www.certainteed.com.