OAKLAND, Calif. - The Cool Roof Rating Council is celebrating its 10th anniversary this summer. CRRC was established in 1998 for the purpose of creating a fair, accurate, and credible rating system for the radiative properties of roofing products (solar reflectance and thermal emiittance). Due to growing participation in the organization and an increasing number of references in building codes and green building programs the CRRC has become an essential resource for the public and the roofing industry. In addition, this year marks several other accomplishments for the CRRC, including reaching 1,000 products in its Rated Products Directory and the launch of a 10-year planning process. Also at the height of this celebration comes a landmark achievement for the organization, one that ratifies the success of the last ten years: accreditation by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), giving the CRRC the esteemed status of ‘Accredited Standards Developer.’ ANSI is a distinguished non-profit organization that coordinates the development of voluntary consensus standards through its Essential Requirements, which require the process for standards development to be fair, open, and balanced. The CRRC’s accreditation by ANSI bolsters the organization’s credibility by confirming its commitment to transparency and public input.  Now that the CRRC has earned its ‘Accredited Standards Developer’ status, the CRRC-1 Standard for rating the radiative properties of roofing materials will undergo a consensus body review and will be submitted to ANSI to become an American National Standard. For more information, call 866-465-2523 or visitwww.coolroofs.org.