BETHESDA, Md. — The EPDM Roofing Association (ERA) is celebrating its 10th Anniversary of service to the roofing industry during 2013. During this anniversary year, ERA will focus on providing advanced science to help clarify the choice of appropriate roofing systems in climates throughout the U.S. and internationally. Members of ERA manufacture both white and black roofing membranes, and represent top line expertise in the use of both systems. Building on its ten-year record of leadership, ERA will provide up-to-date information on the choice of roofing systems in all climates, as well information about the use of new measurements to accurately assess the long-term environmental impact of roofing.

“We realize this is a critical time for the building community. People have questions about sustainability, cool roofing, recycling, and the environmental impact of construction products,” said John Geary, of Firestone Building Products, and Chairman of ERA’s Board of Directors. “We are proud of our ten-year track record of industry leadership at ERA. And we plan to mark those ten years of success by providing the industry with specific answers to many of the questions that confront us.”

ERA’s ten-year record of leadership has featured providing up-to-date information on changing VOC regulations; serving as a knowledgeable industry voice on roofing standards and regulations; and investing in the emerging science of Life Cycle Assessment and Long Term Service Life measurement.

As part of its 10th Anniversary observance, ERA will convene an Advisory Board of industry leaders to help set the ERA agenda moving forward. “The building industry is working in an increasingly fast-paced environment, facing economic and regulatory challenges that were unimaginable even a decade ago,” said Ellen Thorp, Associate Executive Director of ERA. “We need to stay in close touch with the industry we serve, and the input from these individuals will help us anticipate and prepare for the challenges we all face.”

“It’s not enough to stay current on issues facing the roofing industry. We have to stay ahead of the curve and be leaders,” said Robert Reale, Manager of Marketing Communications at Carlisle SynTec and Chairman of the ERA Communications Committee. “We have a strong tradition of leadership, and we are committed to building on that record to deliver value to the roofing industry.”

Jennifer Ford-Smith, Director of Single Ply and Marketing for Johns Manville Roofing Systems, the newest member of the ERA, said, “We feel privileged to have joined ERA this past year, and we look forward to being part of its second decade of service to the industry.”

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