New Products for March 2008


CoolStar Roofing Products

CertainTeed Corp. introduces an energy-wise CoolStar™ reflectant surface for low-slope roofing that helps control energy consumption. The CoolStar technology was initially unveiled last fall on CertainTeed’s Flintglas® Cap Sheet, but now CertainTeed has an expanded line of 14 low-slope roofing granulated cap sheet membranes featuring CoolStar-coated surfaces. The CoolStar family of products, featuring factory pre-coated roof surfaces, meets Energy Star® and initial California Title 24 requirements and has received ratings for solar reflectance and thermal emittance from the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC). A CoolStar roof contributes to a cooler indoor environment and can reduce peak cooling demand up to 15 percent. For more information,

Commercial Roof Ventilation at the Eave

Metal-Era Inc. introduces the latest addition to the Metal-Era Airflow Solutions line: Hi-Perf Vented Fascia. The new product is designed to provide maximum airflow at the roof’s eave by taking into consideration the unique demands of commercial buildings such as longer runs, lager surface areas and lower pitches. Hi-Perf Vented Fascia’s custom sizes allow for needed flexibility to accommodate a variety of roof conditions and ventilation requirements, and offers quick, efficient installation saving both time and money. Hi-Perf Vented Fascia is available in both vented nail base and attic vented versions. Its all-metal construction eliminates wavy, untrue fascia board. For more information, call 800-650-6423 or

Combination Protractor

Starrett’s newest patented tool, the Starrett ProSite 5-in-1 Combination Protractor, has miter saw-specific scales and laser-engraved dials. It also features a quick reference guide to common roof pitches. The original ProSite Protractors have been successful in providing miter joint and butt angle measurements for direct transfer to the miter saw without any calculations whatsoever. The new Combination Protractor instantly converts the work angle to a proper miter saw setting with no math. The tool was developed with the primary goal for solving the various angle problems that cause contractors so much aggravation. The tool provides the actual protractor angle on two scales simultaneously: 0 degrees to 180 degrees to 0 degrees and 180 degrees to 0 degrees to 180 degrees. For more information, call 703-768-7799 or fax 703-768-7997.

Cordless Metal Cutter

The Excalibur Model ECM 6114 Cordless Gen 3 Sheet Metal has been used extensively by roofing contractors in Australia for many years and is now available to the professional roofer for many cutting operations in and out of the shop. The variable-speed motor provides high speed or a slow, controlled cut. Excalibur cuts mild steel, aluminum, copper, stainless, plastic, rubber, cork, and virtually any material up to 16-gauge or 1/16 of an inch. It is also available in 110-volt model when portability is not required and comes with a two-year warranty. For more information,

Low-Profile Track System

Bird-B-Gone introduces Bird Jolt FlatTrack, a low-profile track system that emits a mild shock to birds as they land upon its surface. The shock will not harm birds, but will condition them to avoid the area. Bird Jolt FlatTrack can be used to deter birds from ledges, signs, I-beams, roof peaks or anywhere birds are landing. The track is made of flexible and lightweight PVC, which carries a 5-Year guarantee against UV degradation. Bird Jolt FlatTrack is offered in a variety of colors to match surfaces. Architectural design remains unaffected. For a free sample and more information, call 800-392-6915, e-mail, or

Magnetic Hex Nut Drivers

Klenk offers a magnetic nut driver with an adjustable shaft that lets contractors change the length of the shaft from 3 inches up to 6 inches. Pushbutton action releases the retractable shaft and locks it into position, allowing users to adjust the length of the tool to get into hard-to-reach areas. The magnetic end allows precise placement and helps to avoid dropped hex screws. Hex nut driver is available for 1/4-inch, 5/16-inch, and 3/8-inch sizes. Comfortable molded grip handles are color coded by size. Drivers feature chrome vanadium steel shafts. For a free brochure, call 800-327-5619 or

Protective Eyewear

Gateway Safety Inc. is introducing its new Luminary™ protective eyewear that is ultra-lightweight, making it more comfortable for all-day wear. Patent-pending translucent temple insets provide a new, stylish and comfortable look. Weighing four-fifths of an ounce, Luminary protective eyewear is designed with elastic temples, which help relieve pressure behind the ears and provide a comfortable fit for any size face. A fingertip nosepiece reduces slippage, so glasses stay on securely. Luminary protective eyewear has a large, one-piece polycarbonate lens with an integrated brow guard and wrap-around design, helping protect users against workplace hazards. The anti-scratch coating provides long-lasting durability in any environment. For more information, call 800-822-5347, fax 216-749-0526 or

Self-Adhering Membranes

The Garland Co. Inc. introduces its self-adhering (SA) roofing membranes. The new StressPly® SA roof system provides superior adhesive properties and exceptional tensile and tear strength, while offering a cost-effective and environmentally friendly roofing solution for the long term. The StressPly SA roof system incorporates the latest in asphalt adhesive technology to ensure excellent surface and seam adhesion. This self-contained system does not require open-flame torches, hot kettles, or cold-applied solvents during installation, eliminating application-related fumes and noxious odors. It is therefore ideal for use over combustible substrates and for projects sensitive to disruption or odor. For more information, call 800

Heavy Duty Tether With Tool Hanger

Gear Keeper’s™ unique and innovative, retractable gear attachment systems have continued to keep important items safely tethered and close at hand for those who work under dangerous and challenging on-the-job conditions. That’s why the company has introduced a new personal heavy tool tether with attached tool hanger that is designed to keep drills, power drivers, electronic meters and other important items secured. The new model (TL1-3003 Super Coil Carabiner/Side Release Lanyard with Tool Hanger) provides full arm extension for operating tools, yet retracts to a tight-coiled position when not in use. Built with a sturdy, self-retracting 1/2-inch “Super Coil™ with the ideal retracting force for heavy tools up to 6 pounds. For more information, visit

Shop Shear and Utility Snip

Midwest Tool and Cutlery Company’s new KNIFTI-CUT™ shop/electrician shear and utility snip is a compact, multipurpose snip that features needle-nose blades that provide ready access to confined areas and a full 2-inch cut length. Its compact size fits comfortably in the hand, making it handy and easy to use. Midwest Tool and Cutlery Company manufactures the Midwest Snips® brand of aviation snips, tinner snips, specialty snips and related hand tools at manufacturing facilities located in Sturgis, Mich., and Kalkaska, Mich. For more information,

Grating Fasteners

With a full range of grating fasteners for steel bar grating applications, the innovative Hilti powder actuated and mechanical grating fasteners help save time and money while making your job easier. The new Hilti grating fasteners include the X-GR, which provides a secure fastening with the pull of a trigger, and the new X-GR-RU that offers quick installation and removability. When used with Hilti powder actuated systems, you will have total mobility and independence from electrical supplies. For applications where powder actuated tools are not needed, a new mechanical fastener - the X-MGR - offers a versatile and removable solution. The Hilti grating fasteners are ideal for fastening grating plates on steel structures in civil and industrial facilities. For more information, call 800-879-8000 or