Midwest Tool And Cutlery Co., Sturgis, Mich., has introduced the Upright Snips, a compound leverage aviation snip. Available in both right and left cutting models, the snips incorporate a patent pending right angle 90-degree handle-to-blade design. The benefits of this patent-pending design are: a unique push or pull cutting motion; the ability to turn or rotate the snip in the hand while cutting circles; and improved ergonomics. The result is easier cutting in tight spaces, overhead and at waist level because there is no bending or breaking of the wrist. The snips provide improved safety by elevating hands above metal working surfaces. They are rated to cut 24-gauge sheet metal (26-gauge stainless steel) and feature unbreakable forged molybdenum steel blades; a threaded center pivot bolt to keep blades in adjustment; heavy duty double overwind spring; soft copolymer grips; and ergonomic, strong handles with an optimum 5 1/2-inch spread.