Owens Corning, Toledo, Ohio, announced a new marketing campaign designed to position itself as a knowledge- and technology-based company providing insightful solutions. The goal for the campaign is to share the company’s years of research and learning about home construction, improvement and repair with consumers and building industry professionals. It also is introducing a new tagline for the building materials business – “Owens Corning. We Know Homes.”

“For years, our customers have relied on Owens Corning for great products,” said Lynne Hartzell, director of marketing communications for Owens Corning. “We have a tremendous business opportunity to share our learning and our expertise with them, too.”

The multi-million dollar campaign, developed by W.B. Doner of Detroit, is an integrated marketing effort incorporating national and cable television, consumer and trade print, point-of-sale, direct mail, collateral and outdoor advertising.

“We are very excited about this new direction,” said Hartzell, “The message focuses on the many insightful solutions that Owens Corning provides its customers…. We have such a wide range of products and systems today, ranging from insulation to acoustics to exterior systems to basements ... even home theaters. If you have a project in the home, Owens Corning is the resource.”