Follansbee's Terne II® and TCS II® have surpassed 5,164 hours of salt spray testing with no red rust. The unpainted Terne II and TCS II panels were corrosion tested in a salt spray cabinet per ASTM B117 and also in a condensation chamber per ASTM D4585. In addition to the high performance in corrosion resistance, Terne II and TCS II also showed no uplift blistering or loss of adhesion after 5,000 hours of salt spray testing. TCS II, an architectural stainless steel, is coated with the company's patented ZT® (zinc/tin) alloy. The ZT alloy coating on TCS II is reactive to oxygen in the atmosphere, forming a gray surface patina. TCS II provides enhanced corrosion resistance, formability, solderability and durability. Terne II is an improved version of historic Terne metal, with better capability for resisting corrosion in all environments as well as excellent formability, solderability, and affinity for paint. The new material is also coated with ZT alloy, which reduces the potential for oxidation before painting on-the-job with Rapidri paints.