GAF Materials Corp., Wayne N.J., introduces Liberty SBS Self-Adhering Roofing System. The system can be installed quickly and easily by a small crew without the hassles of bulky equipment and with minimal set-up or clean-up time. Use of the product may even reduce insurance premiums because there is no need for torches, kettles or dangerous chemicals on the roof. Compared to competitive systems, Liberty has 300 percent higher pull and peel strengths, 64 percent less shrinkage (critical for watertight integrity at end laps), and a 15 percent wider selvage edge for extra protection at the most vulnerable areas of the membrane. The high-density release film stays firmly in place but is easy to remove during installation. The membrane is 23 percent thicker and 15 percent heavier than other self-adhering membranes. Liberty is available in black, white, tan or weathered wood.