Atas International Inc., Allentown, Pa., offers the Advanta™ Shingle fabricated from 29-gauge galvanized steel, and designed to function as an alternative to traditional asphalt shingles. Weighing approximately 85 pounds per square, the shingles are well suited for reroof applications. They are installed horizontally in a left to right manner and staggered from eave to ridge. Fastened to a solid underlayment, the panels’ four-way interlock design guards against wind-driven rain and prevents wind uplift. Pre-punched nailing holes are provided to ensure proper fastening of the shingle. The shingles are virtually maintenance free since the high quality finish will not fade, chalk, crack, peel, warp or rot. Surface residue may be easily removed by conventional cleaning methods. Minor scratches may be touched up with a matching paint, available from the manufacturer.