Story and photos courtesy of BP Building Products of Canada

When it comes to enhancing your home’s exterior, aim high. The look of your roof can make or break your property’s curb appeal.

That’s the message of leading roofing expert BP Building Products of Canada in announcing roofing directions for 2023 and beyond.

Topping the list of on-trend roofing colors is gray, but not the standard one we’re used to. Think complex, nuanced gray-beige or “greige,” infused with a mix of nature-inspired tones instead.

BP Canada 3-trends.jpg

“Black roofing shingles have always been seen as a safe choice for consumers, but now people are starting to realize that softer neutral shades like gray can actually add more wow-factor to a home’s exterior,” said Nathalie Lambert, marketing director of BP Canada. 

Although black is currently the top-selling shingle color at BP Canada, gray shingle sales have increased in popularity over the last year, especially in Western Canada, she noted.

“Coming out of the pandemic, consumers tastes are changing as they look for finishes that exude a sense of cozy, calm and security,” said Lambert, adding that people are craving balance in all aspects of life and this applies to their exterior design choices as well. “They want the best of both worlds – a balance of traditional and contemporary, soothing and invigorating, sober and bold, and a style that asserts individual personality at the same time."

In response to changing market preferences, BP Canada’s Chroma Colour Lab™ has developed a unique multi-toned pale gray shingle called Morning Mist. Part of the brand’s Mystique Collection, Morning Mist is the first shingle color of its kind, consisting of a mix of gray, white and brown, and providing consumers with an alternative to traditional solid gray options currently on the market.

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The new offering reflects the move towards more saturated, earthy shingle tones that are less uniform than traditional, monochromatic color schemes, Lambert explained. 

Other popular looks in roofing for 2023 and beyond include:

  • Pairing shingles in shades of black, brown and gray with white vertical siding and dark accents to achieve a contrasting effect – increasingly popular in new construction. Conversely, blending dark siding with pale finishes creates an equally harmonious contrast.
  • Merging shades from the same color family, such as light gray siding with dark trim and gray shingles.
  • Complementing wood or stone exteriors with warmer, deeper shingle colors that reflect shades found in nature, such as seaside pebbles or wheat. 
  • Combining a mix of shapes, colors and textures to a home’s exterior, including wood, metal or stone finishes, round accents and multi-dimensional shingles.

“No matter what style you prefer, it’s important to choose a roof that’s made to stand the test of time,” Lambert said.

She noted that, thanks to new technologies, today’s high-performance shingles are made to withstand hail the size of golf or billiard balls, as well as category four hurricane winds. 

“A roof makes up half of a home's exterior, so it’s wise to invest in shingles that provide the best aesthetic and functionality for the long term,” Lambert said.

To help select the style and colors that best complement a home and personal style, BP Canada offers a free, simple-to-use visualizer tool at