The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that women make up 10% of construction workers in an industry that’s projected to grow 10% by 2028 (outpacing the national average for occupation growth). 

With the increase in employment opportunities and in honor of Women in Construction Week, March 1-7, ABC Supply Co. Inc., a founding sponsor of National Women in Roofing, asked a group of women associates to share their advice for succeeding in the industry. Here’s what they shared:

  • Learn All You Can: Prove yourself by knowing your stuff. Learn all you can by asking questions, talking with contractors, getting on roofs and taking advantage of training and resources.
  • Find a Mentor: It’s very valuable to find a mentor to bounce thoughts and ideas off of. And don’t feel like your mentor needs to be a woman.
  • Have Confidence: Set aside any preconceived notions about gender and what women and men are capable of. There are so many opportunities for everyone and the industry is growing.
  • Share Experiences: It’s important to keep sharing stories about how women are succeeding in all facets of the industry, because it’s happening — even in roles like roof loading and working in the yard.
  • Join Professional Organizations: Consider joining a professional organization to connect with others in the industry and surround yourself with supportive people. There is usually some training available through organizations and companies like ABC Supply, but so much of what you learn happens on the job.

There are so many opportunities for women in the roofing industry. Learn how you can join these women in building a successful career at ABC Supply by searching current opportunities here