Last September I attended my fifth Best of Success conference, and as I looked around the crowded room with a record-number of roofing professionals from around the country — and even further away, in some cases — I couldn’t help but think to myself how thankful I was.

Thankful to be part of a progressive and effective team. Thankful to have a plethora of dynamic, diverse and compelling story opportunities to share across multiple mediums; and thankful, as NRCA CEO Reid Ribble, Antis Roofing President Charles Antis and other presenters pointed out — to be included in something bigger than just myself, or any one of us individually.

I love the annual event because of the atmosphere we all work to create and the opportunities I have to interact directly with you, our RC readers. I truly value your continued support and am thankful for the chance I get to share your interesting stories in an effort to help move the industry forward.

As part of that process and to help give back in some small way to complete our mission as a leading B2B publication, I’m trying something new. In addition to a lot of talking, I spent a great deal of time at BOS listening — not just during the sessions, but in the hallways during breaks, at the breakfast tables with virtual strangers and in the elevators. What I learned loud and clear from many of you in Miami, and from others since, is that you all have great ideas and aren’t afraid to share them when your voices are empowered. I really got the sense that you like hearing more about and learning from other roofing contractors just like you. And you want more of those opportunities.

And we’re more than happy, willing and able to facilitate that request in both our digital and print editions.

Though we’ve accepted and published guest contributions from a host of industry experts in the past, we at RC recently revamped our Guest Column and Guest Blogging platforms, and want you to start taking advantage of it. We want to tell the best stories in roofing, period — and sometimes roofers like you are the best at doing that. Consider this a formal call to action — and for content.

Our first entry comes from former BOS speaker Rob Kornahrens, founder and CEO of Advanced Roofing in Ft. Lauderdale. In addition to running a perennial Top 100 roofing company, Kornahrens has recently embraced the role of industry advocate. He explains why and how his company continues to grow and is trying to get ahead of the workforce crisis, celebrating its 500th hire earlier this year.

If you’ve got a great roofing story to tell about a project, a roofing coworker, a similar problem you’ve overcome, or what and how you’re changing your business to be more successful, we want to hear from you. Reach out to me by leaving a comment below with your contact information, and idea, if you have one. If not, no worries! Reach out to me anyway directly with what you’d like to share at

Looking forward to hearing from you!