Oh, if I were only 45 years younger.

In those days my work was providing productivity solutions for roofing contractors. Labor-saving equipment that was mainly for material handling. The robotics and AI (artificial intelligence) industry is ramping up fast and they are targeting a broad variety of commercial and retail-oriented customers.

But I can see solutions for roofing contractors in most of these things. And I think it is just a matter of time before the folks who are still inventing and creating solutions for roofing contractors pick up on these new technologies. You will see robotics on the roof “assisting” roofers and moving tools and products around the site remotely or by way of sensors following the roofers’ lead.

With all the technology being presented at the 2019 CES it’s pretty easy to get carried away. Especially if you have an overactive imagination. But there will be more to report on that will have a more direct impact on the roofing industry.

I’m just getting started.

For now, check out some images (above) from day one: me trying on a simple exoskeletal device from Japan; a prototype hovercraft; a 3-D printer; and a cage to show a drone in flight.