Here’s a quick look at what some of the leading voices in roofing had to say about 2016 and the overall state of the industry. 

  • “As we watch the industry rebuild and readjust after the shock of the recession I’m pleased that the MRCA has been able to remain at the forefront of innovation and that we didn’t miss a beat,”wrote CL Schust Company President Bob Schenkel, the most recent past president of the MRCA.
  • “We believe that the path to success is paved with servicing your customers and exceeding their expectations.” CentiMark President and COO Tim Dunlap.
  • “It certainly expresses economic optimism and anticipation of escalating new construction, but also an understanding of the opportunity with aging buildings and the imminent need for retrofitting and restoration.” Lapolla Industries CEO Doug Kramer, on the continued trend of significant mergers within the roofing industry in 2016.
  • “We don’t expect storm activity to slow down. Plus, there remain a large number of potential homes that are still in need of reroofs or roof repairs from storm damage cased in 2016.” Keith Lowe, vice president of sales with IKO.
  • “It’s fantastic! It’s game-changing GOOD!” said DCI Products President Jack Henderson, on the change in presidential administrations.
  • “New technologies are poised to make a big impact on our industry in 2017. Look for improvements in technology applications for our estimating teams that will give application data needed to achieve the greatest success when installing new roof systems.” Advanced Roofing Inc., CEO Rob Kornahrens.