It’s been said that some of the best ideas in business started out as complete accidents. Someone discovering a new way to accomplish goals, redefining norms to improve productivity, or uncovering an unoccupied space in a proven market.
Storm Ventures Group (SVG) Founder and CEO Anthony Delmedico isn’t ashamed to say that’s where he’s at after years of running successful brick-and-mortar companies in the volatile world of insurance-fueled construction and restoration. He was hustling in retail-roof sales in his home state of Minnesota in the late 1990s when a harsh storm swept through the area and left many of clients, neighbors and friends with serious roof damage. 
The influx of new business steered him toward perfecting the niche of storm-restoration roofing for the better part of a decade. But now he’s taking on the bigger challenge of communicating and teaching the valuable lessons he learned along the way. 
“I recognized it by mistake … as I dealt with companies as my home and the homes of my neighbors needed new roofs,” Delmedico explained. “But I noticed there were no new books or training available to really help understand the market. There was nothing out there at the time to help contractors and business owners understand what this was.”
Now the insurance-restoration category is a multi-billion dollar business just waiting for contractors with the right tools, he said. 
Roofing contractors looking to expand their business can get an up-close and comprehensive look at the possibilities of growing into the insurance recovery market with a new book and SVG’s ‘Win the Storm’ conference. 
The third-annual event is from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. March 3-4 at the Muse Conference Hall at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.
It’s been called the leading conference for construction and restoration companies to learn proven tactics and skills to expand their business models. And this year’s offerings appear to follow suit. In addition to Delmedico, confirmed speakers include: Joseph Radcliff, CEO and founder of the National Insurance Restoration Council; Jeff Posey, founder of Genesis Capital Ventures; and Lindsey Douglass, managing partner of The Disaster Advocates, Inc. 
Several public adjusters and experts in technology, forensic science, sales, and insurance law are also slated to participate.  
Delmedico said he’ll also give a free copy of his book ‘Win the Game’ digitally to all attendees. The 350-page book is part historical novel — depicting Delmedico’s ascension from U.S. military veteran with a dream to a visionary contractor with a passion for sharing his success; and part manual for how contractors and expand and improve their businesses within 72 hours of a serious weather event. 
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