At Best of Success this year, Chris Zazo and Tim Leeper teamed up to tell their stories about launching community service programs in their communities. Both men not only found the experience personally rewarding, but realized it helped their companies as well. 

Zazo, the president and CEO of Aspenmark Roofing & Solar in Dallas, founded Roof Angels, a nonprofit organization that provides free roofing services for area families in need. Leeper, the owner of Leeper Roofing, in Nashville, Tenn., founded the Music City Guitar Tour, which supports local nonprofit organizations by auctioning guitars autographed by celebrities.

“The boomerang effect is the PR you get from doing something nice for the community,” Zazo said. “It’s OK to profit from nonprofit.”

Leeper urged other contractors to embrace community service projects. “Ask yourself one question,” Leeper said. “Is my community a better place because I am in it?”

If you would like to give something back to the community you live and work in but don’t know where to start, our next free webinar might be right up your alley.

On December 10, Dena and Jay Elie of Ridgecon Construction, the founders of No Roof Left Behind, will share the story of how they launched a program to give away a free roof in their community. They’ll also show contractors how they can become involved in this rewarding community service project that becomes its own cost-effective marketing campaign.

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