Sometimes contractors have to fight to get through to building owners about the importance of the roof. The phrase “out of sight, out of mind” sometimes comes up in these discussions. Owners have to be educated about the importance of the roof on the days when it isn’t leaking, and roofing contractors have made great strides in getting the message across.

The same goes for waterproofing. In many cases, waterproofing repairs are tougher than roof repairs — especially if they are below concrete, landscaping and 30 feet of dirt.

“The cost of repairing a waterproofing issue after the building is completed is almost always extremely expensive and time consuming — especially when you compare it to the cost of initially applying waterproofing materials in a new construction project,” said John D’Annunzio, the president of Paragon Roofing Technology, who has been a building consultant for more than 25 years. “Once you bring in a backhoe and start ripping up landscaping and concrete, the cost of ensuring the waterproofing materials were applied correctly will seem nominal.”

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