Metal roofing has always had a great reputation for durability, but it’s a segment of the market that has shown ever-increasing versatility as well. Metal shingles designed to look like shake, slate and tile in different textures and colors are options in addition to the classic look of a standing seam metal roof. For more and more homes and businesses, metal roofs can be a viable option, and as the economy picks up and real estate values begin to rebound in various parts of the country, business owners and homeowners looking into new roofs might be wondering about recent trends in metal roofing.


Geoff Stone, owner and CEO of MetalForming Inc., has a web exclusive article on just that topic. Click here to read his article titled What’s New in Metal Roofing for 2013. His comments on tax credits, energy efficiency, sustainability and the pricing of metal roofs might come in handy the next time you are talking to a customer about a new metal roof.