Just got back from Roofing Contractor’s Best of Success Conference — an event that usually takes my breath away, even when it’s not held at high altitude. This year’s conference just wrapped up in Denver, and any way you slice it, it was a great learning experience and a lot of fun.

We set a record for the number of sponsors (26) and the number of attendees (339). A few highlights for me included Steve Little’s panel on crisis management, Jay Elie’s inspired discussion about marketing, and Craig Brightup’s breakdown of the political landscape going into the upcoming election.

The attendees and sponsors brought the same high level of interest, insight and energy to the event that truly make this event what it is. Another highlight was having out far-flung members of the RC team all in one place. There’s nothing more fun than sharing a laugh with Rick Damato, Marcia Wright and the rest of the team after the workday is over.

 I’m one spoke in the wheel that helps put this event together. I’d like to offer a special thank you to our publisher, Jill Bloom, who is the driving force behind this great conference, as well as our events team, especially Adriene Cooper and Catrisha Fisher, who keep it running so smoothly. Our video team was also on hand to capture the event, and Jen McEvoy and Kyle Mayer did a great job documenting it. Look for their videos to appear as webinars in upcoming months, and look for more coverage of Best of Success in Roofing Contractor.