Okay as promised, here’s what a good Brag Book should contain for any successful Big Ticket Sales Person:

1. A picture of someone answering the phones live! A happy eager CSR wearing a headset while at their computer. They’re sporting a smile because when you, the customer, call they’ve been looking forward to serving you.

2. Copies of customer testimonials with real names not initials telling my new customers how good my company is when it comes to the many types of installation work we’ve done.

Note: One of the most powerful keys I learned on my way to becoming a really good sales person was the power of testimonials. I came to realize that what I said was important to them, but what really mattered to them was what other customers they deemed to be like them said about how good my company was and/or how good I was in helping them through the whole process.

3. Before pictures, during the job pictures (showing things like how we protected and covered everything, etc.) and finally a photo of the new install preferably with the happy customer standing there giving their testimonial about how we were better because we were:

    1. Cleaner
    2. Neater
    3. Quieter
    4. More Respectful
    5. More Responsive

And then having these customers also say how they’re now:

    1. More comfortable
    2. Saving money
    3. Warmer
    4. Cooler
    5. Enjoying their new bathroom or kitchen

And don’t forget… Here’s some more great things I added to my Brag Book:

1. A picture of a training class working around my training center. This is so I could say just like my Techs were trained to say, "We're not coming to your home today to learn how to do installation work. We're already trained and certified in our in-house training center."

2. A picture of all the Techs reading from their Operations Manuals [the front of their books showing in the shot] with me leading the class so I could also say, "It pretty much doesn't matter which techs I send to your home since they pretty much follow a written checklist procedure for a great installation. We’re uniquely able to minimize mistakes and maximize the value of what you purchased."

3. A copy of my licensing, certifications and memberships to trade groups and anything that shows I’m a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.

4. I also include how our company drug-tests and conducts criminal background checks, so they can feel more comfortable about the people who are coming to work at their home or business.

5. Finally, I put in all the manufacturers we were certified, and in particular, if we were an Authorized Repair Center for a specific line of equipment then I’d make sure to mention this in my presentation. Are you getting the picture? This worked great because a lot of people are visual and not just auditory. Words are good. Pictures are good. Words and pictures are the best!

I customized this three-ring binder with the multiple company and manufacturer brochures I wanted to show and talk about from the file box that had the multiple hanging file folders. I carried this pre-rigged presentation in a good-looking professional messenger bag. I had my calculator, laptop, my survey questionnaire, blank work orders and more.

This all helped drive me through the sales process and finally, I didn’t have to worry about forgetting any key steps. Sales actually became more natural to me and more fun. I was free to be me and to be effective and the proof is I, too, was getting to be more like my dad because I was closing at a high rate and for a lot more money than the bids I was competing with.


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