My last blog entry focuses on a poll on the Roofing Contractor Network on LinkedIn which asks respondents to estimate the percentage of contractors who operate with a high level of integrity when doing storm remediation work.

The most popular response was response the 25-50 percent range, and two-thirds of respondents believe less than 50 percent of storm remediation contractors operate with integrity.

If you’re a contractor, you know that you have to fight that bad reputation. Roofing Contrator will host a free webinar that will touch on just that topic tomorrow (May 30).

John DeRosa, Manager of Sales & Contractor Development for IKO, will explore the subject of earning customers’ trust as part of his seminar titled “Why People Buy.”

Click here to register.

If you’re reading this after May 30, don’t worry — you can view the webinar on-demand at your convenience on our website,