Sales is the lifeblood of any business, but sales is perhaps the least understood part of the business equation. Often people — myself included — don’t even know why they bought the things they purchased for themselves.

John DeRosa, Manager of Sales & Contractor Development for IKO, will explore the subject of “Why People Buy” in his free webinar on May 30. Click here to register.

“Homeowners choose their contractor for a variety of reasons and it is almost never based on the lowest price,” said DeRosa, “unless of course the sales person gives them no other reasons to consider. ‘Why People Buy’ focuses on the critical importance of differentiating your business in a way that enables the customer to justify in their mind the additional cost required to choose you for the project. Contractor sales people will reshape their thoughts about selling and learn to hold themselves more accountable for the sales they lose.”

DeRosa summed up the learning objectives for the webinar this way:

• Learn the mission-critical importance of differentiation — and strategies you can use to separate yourself from the competition.

• Learn how to develop the trust, credibility, and rapport necessary to turn prospects into committed customers who want to use you for their project.

• Understand the reasons some homeowners feel compelled to meet with several contractors prior to making their decision.

Click here to register, and remember, if you can't attend live you can view the webinar on-demand at