Working with contractors for years now, one thing is common. As contractors, we love any new tools that we can get our hands on, but not so much when it comes to powerful business technology tools.

Why is that?

They don’t make noise, vibrate, create holes, destroy things and have flames! That’s the fun stuff. Isn’t it?

Truth is when it comes to coughing up the money and investing in new technology for running our business we find them boring and/or intimidating. Worse yet, it could mean we’d actually have to learn how to use these technologies and heaven forbid read the manual.

Okay, get over it. You literally can’t afford to put all of today’s technology to work for you.

Here’s a brief list of some must-have technology items working for you:

  1.      Headphones that everyone wears when they answer a call so the customer can be heard and so they can hear you clearly.

 2.      Caller ID that is integrated to your software so you can recognize and acknowledge a repeat customer.

 3.      Integrated software that has you doing one-point data entry instead of pulling pieces from everywhere. And if you can’t find one computer software to do it all, get it down to no more than two.

 4.      Get busy with recording calls for training purposes. You and certainly your staff have no idea what you really say and how you say it until you’re confronted with listening to it. It’s the only real way to make progress in the Customer Service Rep position which is the gateway to your company even if it’s just you answering the phone and doing the work.

 5.      Get wireless access and make your laptop your mobile office. Get the 10 most common jobs down to a set of templates for job costing and price quote presentation. Have a printer in your vehicle and don’t move it until you’re able to go back inside and quote a price right there. Being in front of the most important people physically gives you the greatest chance to guide them to a buying decision.

What? Are you thinking you’re too old to learn how to use these simple technologies? Get over it! I’m 56 and I can do it.

Maybe you have dragged your feet when it comes to getting up to speed on e-mails, e-zines and e-marketing in general. You can do it! And if you’re really struggling with it go find a kid and let them teach you if you can’t afford a good IT company.

You can’t afford to fall behind when it comes to technology. This has been so since my dad was teased by his friendly competitors in the 50s for installing those crazy two-way radios in every truck. Who did you think had the last laugh? It was my dad. He was laughing all the way to the bank because he always knew the power of putting technology to work.

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