We all need to be great at marketing.

Hey, has your phone gone dead?

I remember when I first started my second career seven years ago ― I used to pick up the phone once in a while because I thought there might be something wrong with it ’cause it wasn’t ringing!

Fact is we all need to be great at marketing. That’s the owner’s top priority at all times but even more in these recessionary times. But, we weren’t born marketing geniuses. Most of us were born with a toolbox in our crib.

I’ll help you out. Marketing is basically Sales. Think of selling to the one customer you’d love to clone more of ―then find where they are. How do you reach them? The two best ways to get your phone ringing now are through Acquisition and Internet Marketing.

Acquisition is the best “Marketing Dollar” you can spend. Here’s why: Any other marketing is a hope and a prayer that they’ll call you where as buying a company has customers already trained to call that number. Okay, there’s a lot more sohere’s a linkto learn more.

The other way to grow your call count (the amount of times your phone rings) is to become great at internet marketing. This also has a big bang for the buck. We’re talking about much more than a website. There are home pages, informational blogging (like what you’re reading right now) and most importantly how to get these ideal potential customers to find you on major search engines (also known as Search Engine Optimization).Here’s a linkto learn more about internet marketing (click on the picture of Bob Regnerus ― the Lead King).

FYI, I’ll be sharing the “7 Things Every Contractor Needs to Do to Maximize Their Internet Marketing” in my upcoming blogs for BNP Media.