One of the best bargains of the New Year from Roofing Contractor will be our State of the Industry report and survey that highlights our February 2009 issue.

One of the best bargains of the New Year fromRoofing Contractorwill be our State of the Industry report and survey that highlights our February 2009 issue.

We will have extended comments from dozens of the top contractors; manufacturers, suppliers and distributors in the roofing industry, and many of these observations will absolutely astonish you. The fact is the roofing industry will not be business as usual in 2009, but don’t be quick to judge a down economy as the means to the end of your business. For example, Fred Stephan, Vice President and General Manager of Johns Manville Roofing Systems, said the use of cool roofs would become more prominent in certain parts of the country in 2009. Geoff Stone of MetalForming said although the industry is in a state of change, metal continues to gain market share.

Sheree Bargabos, President of the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association and President of Roofing and Asphalt for Owens Corning, said economic times mean contractors must learn how to fix broken systems and operate more effectively.

Rob Reale of Carlisle-SynTec said architects and building owners are seeing a better return on investment by thickening the roofing membrane. Bob Delaney of Firestone Building Products said the market for environmentally friendly products and systems continues to have strong growth. The State of the Industry report will allow you to read what many industry leaders think about 2009 and beyond. The report will prove to be a comprehensive source for all facets of the roofing industry.

 “The key issue will be discerning real issues and advantages versus ‘green washing’ on any and all products,” noted Keith Lowe of IKO.

“A slowing economy and reduction in job availability may provide an opportunity for labor-starved sectors like the roofing industry,” said Chris Salazar, Vice President Sales & Marketing for Karnak Corp. These comments are just a small fraction of the editorials and predictions from industry leaders who are part ofRoofing Contractor’scomprehensive State of the Industry report.

So whether you’re interested in the past or the future of the roofing industry, or if you just want to read the most up-to-date comments from industry leaders, the State of the Industry report in the February issue will be a treasure trove of urgent information.