Werner, the latter, climbing products and fall protection equipment manufacturer, unveiled a new device on Wednesday called the ProForm Switchpoint self-rescue system; the company says it is designed for professionals who want to “take control of their own rescue.”

In a May 22 news release, Werner said the ProForm SP builds upon Werner’s patented “Chair in the Air technology”: In the event of a fall, the Werner ProForm SP self-rescue system allows suspended workers to transition from a safe seated position to a self-rescue descent in a few steps.

The new ProForm SP is an add-on to Werner’s recently introduced ProForm SP Full Body Harness with SwitchPoint (SP) technology. The ProForm SP release now completes the fall protection offering to create what the company calls a complete self-rescue system.

“Because every second counts when someone falls on the jobsite, we have further revolutionized the industry by putting self-rescue in the users’ hands,” said Eric Patrick, jobsite safety and security manager at WernerCo. 

“The ProForm SP Self-Rescue System makes transitioning from suspension to descension easy, allowing workers in high-risk environments to take more control of their safety,” he added.

Self-Rescue System: How It Works

The Self-Rescue System is a small kit that is added to the back of the Werner ProForm SP Harness. It is accessible with one hand and easy to deploy for a user suspended in a seated position in the air. After a fall and the SwitchPoint harness has been deployed, the suspended worker follows a few steps for a self-rescue descent up to 30 feet.

  • The Werner ProForm SP Self-Rescue System includes innovative product features that facilitate simple, seamless self-rescue.
  • One-Handed Access: The system is hand-packed in an ergonomic, easy-access storage bag.
  • Safe-Controlled Lowering: The spring-loaded handle and abrasion-resistant rope allow the user to safely control their descent.
  • Premium Decent Device: The elevated side rails on the descent device eliminate glove interference.
  • Lightweight Carabiners: The lightweight aluminum carabiners are ANSI-rated. 
  • High-Strength Rope: The system features a high-strength kern mantle abrasion-resistant rope for confident use under a worker’s body weight.

The Werner ProForm SP Self-Rescue System offers a 30-foot range, auto-stop descent control, and panic features, making it an essential rescue tool for employers nationwide. 

For more information, visit wernerco.com.