ITASCA, Ill. — Werner, a world leader in ladders and the manufacturer of climbing products and fall protection equipment, announced the ProForm SP Full Body harness with SwitchPoint technology, designed for post-fall safety and rescue.

The new high- performing harness was developed for specialized professionals and takes the Werner patented “Chair in the Air” technology to the next level by providing fast and easy activation before rescue workers arrive. It features a hip level deployment cord that makes activation simple and puts the suspended worker into a comfortable seated position with freedom of movement for improved rescue operations. 

“With safety being our number one priority at Werner, we are thrilled to unveil this new technology that will help people get into a safe position and allow them freedom of movement to assist in their own rescue,” said Chris Hillman, product manager at Werner. “We know that our customers require fall protection that can be trusted and the ProForm SP harness was designed to provide a higher level of safety to protect workers in high-risk environments from fall-related injuries.”

Higher Level Safety for Higher Level Work

Werner was first to market and currently there is no other harness available that provides this type of immediate and controlled post-fall relief in case of an accident. Engineered with patented built-in safety features and manufactured with precision craftsmanship, the user can easily activate the dorsal D-Ring of the harness, which immediately transitions from back to front for easier access. Professionals that have a traumatic fall experience are now allowed more freedom of movement for improved rescue. The athletic design of the harness is made with fabrics that breathe and conform to the user’s body to provide all-day comfort and productivity on the jobsite. The comfort and freedom of movement also reduce the chance of harnesses being modified or misused by the user.

Additional product highlights:

  • Evenly distributed weight to reduce the effects of suspension trauma.
  • Features patented SwitchPoint suspension technology.
  • Specially designed leg straps for freedom of movement.
  • SRL bumper protects the users lower back from contact when wearing personal SRLs.
  • Manufactured with enhanced padding and moisture wicking mesh lining that rolls over the edge of the pad for heat reduction and maximum comfort. 
  • Aluminum Cam Torso Adjuster provides easy adjustment for the ultimate fit.
  • Comes equipped with a stamped steel chest D-Ring and integrated gear loops.

The Werner ProForm SP harnesses are available nationally online and in-stores at professional distributors. For more information or to find a dealer, please visit