Polyglass U.S.A., Inc., a leading manufacturer of building envelope and waterproofing solutions, announces the launch of Modifleece, a fleece-backed Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene modified bitumen roofing membrane base sheet designed for the use in multi-ply low-slope roofing systems.

Through an innovative laminating process, Modifleece integrates a specially formulated dual compound into the polyester fabric, creating a seamless bond between the two components. The self-adhered side laps are safeguarded by a protective release film, which is removed during application to reveal the aggressive self-adhered SBS compound, ensuring watertight seams.  

Key features and benefits of Modifleece:

  • Versatility: Suitable for application directly over irregular or semi-rough substrates, including Lightweight Concrete, and as a recover option over existing modified bitumen roofing systems 
  • Durable Waterproofing: Modifleece serves as a strong and durable waterproofing substrate for additional roofing membrane plies, ensuring long-lasting protection
  • Wind Uplift Resistance: The tough polyester-reinforces bottom surface fabric provides a robust foam  adhesive bond, offering superior wind uplift resistance
  • Quick Dry-In System: An adhered non-penetrating system eliminates the need for fasteners, providing a quick dry-in solution
  • Labor savings: The non-penetrating system saves valuable install time when compared to fastened base sheet systems, particularly in high wind areas
  • Cost-Effective Recovery: Ideal for occupied buildings, Modifleece offers a cost-effective and efficient recover option, making it a preferred choice for roofing projects
  • Safe and clean: Odorless, no mess, flame-free when used with self-adhered piles
  • Easy Installation: The self-adhered side laps feature an easy installation process, ensuring an immediate watertight seal

For more information about Modifleece and other innovative roofing solutions from Polyglass, please visit polyglass.us/product/modifleece.