Carlisle Companies Inc. announced Wednesday that it planned to invest more than $45 million to build the next phase of its state-of-the-art Research & Innovation Center in Carlisle, Penn. In line with the company’s Vision 2030 strategy to “achieve above-market growth and additional price for value,” the expansion will help it become better positioned to leverage energy efficiency, labor savings, and re-roofing trends.

The company said in a May 1 news release that the expansion will add more than 50,000 square feet of additional lab space, work area, and equipment stations to the existing Carlisle facility and provide office space for planned increases in innovation staffing. 

[We] continue to focus on unlocking additional above-market growth by increasing our R&D spend to augment returns across our full suite of products and services,” Chris Koch, chair, president and CEO, said in the statement. 

“[The expansion] will allow us to accelerate the development of new programs, add new testing and analysis capabilities … and [drive] more content per square foot with integrated system solutions,” Coch added.

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