Tarco, the Arkansas-based provider of roofing and building envelope products, has introduced two new moisture prevention products: LeakBarrier 25RA self-adhered flashing membrane and LeakBarrier Butyl self-adhesive moisture barrier. 

In a news release, the company said its premium-grade, self-adhered flashing membranes offer unrivaled moisture protection in critical areas of construction, ensuring the long-term integrity and durability of building envelopes.

LeakBarrier 25RA SBS Self-Adhered Flashing Membrane

LeakBarrier 25RA is a cost-effective, durable, and premium-grade SBS self-adhered flashing membrane engineered for “superior performance.” Tarco said the product stands out for its exceptional tear and puncture resistance, offering a “robust” defense against the harshest elements and designed to perform in vertical and sloped applications. 

The flashing’s 25-mil thickness creates a “formidable moisture barrier” for a range of design details, from window and door openings to inside- and outside corners of sheathing and other applications. It can be used to accomplish the following:

  • Smoothly integrate into wall-to-wall tie-ins;
  • Transition from decks to side walls;
  • Wrap behind stone and masonry walls;
  • Secure sheathing panel seams;
  • Reinforce foundation sill plates and;
  • Provide essential protection behind stucco finishes.

25RA is fortified with 90-day UV resistance, extending its longevity and maintaining its protective qualities under prolonged exposure to sunlight.

LeakBarrier Butyl: A High-Performance, Self-Adhesive Moisture Barrier

The LeakBarrier Butyl stands out as a high-performance, self-adhered membrane in waterproofing technology that features a butyl adhesive and an engineered polyethylene film suitable for a broad temperature range, including application temperatures as cold as 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

The 20-mil thick membrane is applicable on both vertical and sloped surfaces, providing a watertight seal around joints, seams and penetrations, and is designed to meet a wide array of construction requirements, including the following:

  • Protection against moisture and vapor;
  • Versatility across temperature variations;
  • The membrane can withstand both high- and low-temperature extremes.
  • Enhanced UV resistance allows for up to 120 days of exposure.

For more information, visit tarcoroofing.com.