LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Tarco announced plans to establish a new bituminous roofing membrane manufacturing line in Belton, Texas. The new high-speed, highly-automated manufacturing equipment will greatly increase the current production capabilities.

Tarco recently awarded an order for the supply of a High-speed Combination Production Line to Euroline srl, a leading company offering manufacturing machinery and plants for the production of modified bituminous membranes.

Designed with the latest technological advances in bituminous modified membrane manufacturing, the new line augments the existing plant capacity in Belton. The fully automated line is electronically controlled and equipped with multi-functional features such as intelligent auto-correction system, thickness measurement system, inline printing and various roll packaging options that include shrink bag, boxing and wrapping. Operating under tight quality control protocols from raw materials to finished products, the entire production process is intelligently operated to ensure the manufacture of superior product quality at efficient production rates.  

“The advanced technology from Euroline will dramatically enable Tarco to create the new generation of roofing and waterproofing products. The high-level of automation of the new line will improve membrane quality, reduce scrap and enhance safety," said Steve Ratcliff, president and CEO of Tarco. "In addition, Tarco will acquire the capability to make non-carrier membranes that are used in steep-slope roofing as well as in below grade waterproofing applications. Euroline has a two decade history in the roofing business and a global reputation for quality. It is the right technical partner to help take Tarco’s productivity and quality to the next level."

The advanced equipment with state-of-the-art features is presently being manufactured at the specialized Euroline facility outside Treviso, Italy. From there, it will be shipped to the Belton plant to be commissioned in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Euroline provides a full range of modern and efficient bituminous waterproofing membrane processing plants and equipment.

Tarco currently produces a wide range of traditional roll roofing as well as premium modified bituminous membranes. The company also has production plants in Little Rock, Ala., and Greencastle, Pa. New technologies from Euroline will rank among the most advanced in use at Tarco.