Clearwater, Fla.-based Tubos says its pipe extensions offer a “tried-and-true” method for reducing jobsite costs and labor, particularly on projects where wide 10-, 12- or 16-foot membranes are being installed.

In an April news release, the company says that, according to the building and plumbing codes, roofing vent stacks are required to be a specific height above the surface of the finished roof, which is usually eight inches. 

As additional insulation is added during the re-roofing process to meet R-value requirements, vent stack height is effectively shortened and frequently falls out of code compliance.

As a productive alternative, Tubos says roofers could consider the following process:

  1. Once the insulation is installed, cut all the existing vent stacks to a height of 1.0- to 1.5 inches above the insulation.
  2. Roll out the membrane over the shortened vent stacks, making it easy to find and cut holes around each one.
  3. After securing the membrane, measure and cut each Tubos Pipe Extension to the proper length and install it into an existing vent stack as you work across the roof.

“We know of several roofers who now use this process,” Kevin Morris, CEO of Tubos, said. “Particularly if there are multiple vent stacks on an otherwise wide-open roof. It’s a real productivity saver!” 

Tubos says installing a Tubos Pipe Extension is ‘quick and easy’: insert the six-inch internal splice sleeve into the vent stack, caulk around the flange to keep gas from escaping into the roof assembly, and flash the vent stack with a pipe boot and clamp. The company says the entire process only takes about three minutes per extension.

Tubos units are 28 inches long and can extend two vent stacks. Once properly installed, they are guaranteed to prevent water from entering the assembly.  

In addition, Tubos Pipe Extensions are designed to fit into 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-inch diameter PVC or cast iron vent stacks and can be delivered directly to the jobsite, eliminating the need to take a special trip to the hardware to pick up inferior extensions at a local hardware store. 

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