OMG Roofing Products 

OMG Roofing Products has announced that its line of Tubos vent-stack extenders now come with an OMG Red insert splice sleeve. A critical component of each Tubos unit is the integral 6-inch splice sleeve that’s inserted into the existing vent stack. It’s this sleeve that prevents water from getting into the existing roofing system. Tubos are used to extend rooftop plumbing vent stacks. Vent stacks, which are connected to the plumbing system, are important because they let air into the plumbing system for proper drainage and allow noxious gases to leave the building. Often when re-roofing a commercial building, the additional insulation takes the existing vent stack out of compliance with the International Building Code, which specifies how tall vent stacks must be over the surface of the roof. The OMG Tubos product line provides contractors with a fast and easy way to extend vent stacks. For more information, visit