Fun Fact: L.R. Oatey founded Oatey Co. in 1916 in Cleveland, and the company’s first product was roof flashing

In an April 17 news release, Oatey shared news of its Retro Master Flash Roof Flashings, saying they are a ‘go-to’ solution for profiled roofing installations facing continuous pipes or obstructions. The flashing’s 8x8-inch soft aluminum base fits perfectly on profiled metal roofs. 

The company says it is easily adaptable to multiple pipe sizes and “ideal for hard-to-reach areas or wrap-around A picture of Oatey’s Retro Master Flash Roof Flashing.installations.” With marked cut lines for customization, the instructions say to simply slide the flashing over a pipe, seal it with silicone, and secure it with screws.

Its flexible base suits flat or contoured surfaces, including clay tile and metal roofs; it has a pitch range of 0-45°. Featuring a non-fading EPDM collar, Oatey says it withstands weathering from ozone and UV rays and is rated to endure continuous heat up to 212°F — and intermittent temperatures up to 275°F. 

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