Kraton Corporation, the producer of specialty polymers and bio-based products, announced two leadership moves last week: Rogier Roelen was appointed as Chief Sustainability Officer in addition to his existing role as vice president and general counsel, and Lopes was named vice president for Marketing & Product Management in the Polymers Organization.

Rogier Roelen

In an April 3 news release, Kraton said Rogier’s role as Chief Sustainability Officer has emerged as an outgrowth of the synergies between the law and sustainability objectives.

The company said Rogier is well-versed in regulatory frameworks, risk management, and compliance, all of which are sustainability initiatives in today's global landscape. Rogier will align sustainability strategies with legal requirements, ensuring “organizational compliance” while driving environmental and social impact. 

Additionally, his 20-plus years of business and industry experience and leadership roles across regions will help him foster collaboration with stakeholders and implement sustainable practices across diverse business functions.

"Rogier's appointment as our Chief Sustainability Officer is a testament to his exceptional leadership and strategic capabilities," said Kraton's CEO Marcello Boldrini. "His legal expertise, combined with his proven track record of driving growth and excellence, uniquely positions him to shape Kraton's sustainability strategy in line with our overall strategic priorities and drive our continued success."

Pedro Lopes

Lopes was appointed vice president of marketing and product management in Kraton’s Polymers organization. The company said the move is part of its commitment to driving growth, excellence, and innovation within the organization.

In his new capacity, Lopes will leverage his experience to drive marketing initiatives, capitalize on market trends and strengthen Kraton's position as a leader in the Polymer organization. 

"We are thrilled to appoint Pedro as Vice President for Marketing in our Polymers division," said Torsten Schmidt, president, Polymers at Kraton. "Pedro's strategic vision and leadership will be instrumental in shaping the future of our Polymers business, driving growth, and delivering value to our customers."

Kraton added that Pedro's transition to the vice president’s role for Polymers reaffirms its dedication to “cultivating top talent and empowering leaders to drive transformative change within the organization.” His appointment reflects Kraton's continued commitment to excellence and growth in its operations.

Kraton Corporation is a global producer of specialty polymers and performance products derived from renewable resources. These products are used in a wide range of applications, including adhesives, coatings, consumer and personal care products, sealants, and lubricants, as well as medical, packaging, automotive, paving, and roofing products. Kraton products are distributed to more than 70 countries worldwide. 

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