Owens Corning is launching the PINKWRAP® portfolio of weather-resistant barrier products engineered to help defend homes against the elements. PINKWRAP weather-resistant barriers are designed to keep wind, rain, and snow from entering the wall cavity and deliver UV-resistant protection from sun exposure. The breathable nature of PINKWRAP products helps prevent moisture from becoming trapped in the wall system.

PINKWRAP is designed to support quick and easy installation as well as efficient handling on the job site. The portfolio of weather-resistant barrier products includes a Classic Weather Barrier and a Premium Air Barrier that helps deliver protection against water. As an accessory, the PINKWRAP Seam Tape facilitates easy and efficient installation. The Classic and Premium weather-resistant barriers are engineered to deliver strong wind and tear resistance and easy handling on the job site.

Compared to opaque white house wraps, the semi-transparent PINKWRAP Premium Air Barrier's bright pink material makes it easy for workers to see where door and window openings should be cut.

Appreciating that the contractor team are experts when it comes to how a material handles on the job site, Owens Corning worked with contractors to install PINKWRAP in the field and incorporated their feedback into the product portfolio. Additional research with building and remodeling professionals was also conducted.

“This new product offering builds upon Owens Corning's legacy of developing products focused on the needs of our customers within the residential building and remodeling industry,” said Chris Robinson, product leader at Owens Corning. “We are looking forward to making the PINKWRAP portfolio available to contractors.”

PINKWRAP products will begin shipping in March 2024.