Becoming an ally of women in the roofing industry will not only lead to more representation and equality in a male-dominated field but also undoubtedly elevate the industry to new heights. Yet, what does being an ‘advocate’ for women look like?

Male members of the National Women in Roofing organization are asking themselves what it means to be “authentic.” An upcoming session at this year’s International Roofing Expo will provide answers. In an educational session titled, “Being an Ally and Advocate for Women in the Roofing Industry – ‘I Just Want to Do the Right Thing,’” hear straight from the source as members of NWiR discuss how to be an ‘authentic’ ally, whether supporting women colleagues, co-workers, managers, customers or others.

“I’m hoping that this year we see another level of diversity, and I see a lot of my male allies and counterparts in the audience that are there ready to learn and cheer us on and grow with us,” Jennifer Keegan, director of Building and Roof Science at GAF and NWiR executive committee chair, told RC in an interview last fall.

IRE Seminar Sessions

Title: Being an Ally and Advocate for Women in the Roofing Industry - “I Just Want to Do the Right Thing”
Speakers: Anna Anderson, CEO at Art Unlimited; Katie Bodiford, Executive Director, National Women in Roofing
Date: 7:45-9:15 a.m., Thursday, Feb. 8
Room: N233

Katie Bodiford, executive director of NWiR, and Anna Anderson, CEO of Art Unlimited and vice-chair of NWiR, will co-host the session. Attendees will learn about concepts found in research-based literature that serve as the basis for critical facts and figures. At the same time, a panel of men and women will share their experiences and best practices for empowering women in roofing.

Women continue to play a more prominent role in roofing. One need look no further than Roofing Contractor’s 2024 State of the Industry, which checks the pulse of the roofing industry based on a survey sent to its readership each fall. 

Respondents to this year’s survey were primarily male at 75%, but the number of women participating grew to 25%, up from last year and demonstrating consistent growth over the past two years.

NWiR has played a vital role in this effort and is witnessing the effects first-hand. Last fall, it released the REAL Roofing program — a comprehensive initiative focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion within the roofing industry — and saw a record turnout of 500 attendees at its 2023 NWiR Day.

One of NWiR's goals over the next year is to increase its alliances, not just with men in the industry but with colleges and universities, to spread the word about what roofing can offer women. 

National Women in Roofing is a volunteer organization supporting the advancement of women's careers in all aspects of roofing, whether it’s management, installers, c-suite, design, or sales. Learn more at


  • An understanding of what it means to be an authentic advocate for specific interest groups like NWiR
  • Learn about concepts found in research-based literature on how to support women
  • Hear best practices and industry anecdotes from male and female panelists
  • Find out which qualities to consider when seeking an advocate in the workplace