JLK Contracting, Inc. was tasked with roofing a new warehouse facility in Bethlehem, Penn., with several specifications.

The large, 243,000-square-foot building is rectangular with a quarter-inch per-foot structural slope in each direction, gutters to run along two edges, and parapet walls on the shorter sides. The project began in the fall, raising the urgency for contractors to complete the roof as quickly as possible before the rough Pennsylvania winter sets in.

Leadership with JLK Contracting opted to use the new 16-foot-wide TPO membrane from Versico Roofing Systems. The larger rolls are ideal for adhered roofs that require induction welding and can be more efficient for crews looking to maximize time on the rooftop. In all, officials said  Using 16-foot rolls would mean that the crew would have fewer rolls to load, stage, position, and kick out, in addition to fewer seams and T-joints to weld. 

Roofing crews began fastening two layers of 2-inch-thick VersiCore Polyiso Insulation to the metal deck with HPVX Fasteners and RhinoBond Plates. After installing the insulation, they kicked out the 16-foot-wide TPO rolls and placed an induction welding tool over the membrane where the RhinoBond Plates were located.

Versico’s non-penetrating induction welded systems use the same fastener and plate to secure the membrane and insulation to the deck, creating an FM-approved assembly with no entry point for moisture.

“The 16-foot rolls were better for production, and there were fewer seams to weld,” said Larry Kraus, owner of JLK Contracting. “We were able to install iso for three quarters of the day and finish up with membrane for the last quarter of the day.”

It took less than two months from start to finish.

“With 10-or 12-footers, we would usually get about 10 squares per man per day. With the 16-footers, we can do a lot more. On a typical day, there would be 15 crew members on the job and they would finish 200 squares,” said Ricky Sahilu, Foreman for JLK Contracting. 

He noted the rolls were surprisingly easy to move and that moving 16-footers was comparable to moving 10- or 12-foot rolls.

Kraus concluded that his company would be able to save several days of labor by using 16-foot rolls.

Versico Roofing Systems contributed to this report.