Trinity Solar, a provider of residential solar energy solutions, announced on Nov. 7 that it had completed its 100,000th solar installation, marking a significant achievement for the company in its effort to make renewable energy accessible to U.S. homeowners.

Trinity, which launched in 1994, says it has grown exponentially since opening as a heating and air contractor; the company installed its first solar system in 2004. The Wall, N.J.-based company has a 3,000-strong workforce and has operations in 10 states throughout New England, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Florida. 

"We didn't invent business, and we didn't invent solar; we just apply them differently than most [and] we are proud of how we've been able to serve our customers, support our employees, and have a positive environmental impact," said Tom Pollock, CEO of Trinity Solar. "That's why we've been around for 30 years and been able to help 100,000 customers."

In its news release, the company said it “…looks forward to continued growth and helping as many families as possible enjoy the benefits of affordable, clean, simple solar energy.”

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