CLARK, N.J. — Solis Partners has announced the completion of a rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) installation for Clark, N.J.-based Karnak Corp.

The system was designed, engineered and constructed by Solis Partners and is located on Karnak’s 50,000 square-foot facility, which includes manufacturing, distribution, warehouse and office space.

Karnak Corp. manufactures a complete line of coatings, cements and sealants for roofing and waterproofing. The company is the leading manufacturer of Energy Star labeled coatings, a government-backed program that reduces greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency.

“We’re thrilled to announce the completion of Karnak’s rooftop solar PV system, said Jamie Hahn, co-founder and managing director of Manasquan, N.J.-based Solis Partners. “By installing solar, Karnak is able to introduce sustainability to the manufacturing of its environmentally friendly products. Solar is a great way for businesses such as Karnak to go green while lowering their operating costs.”

In conjunction with installing the PV system, Karnak coated its roof with its 501 Elasto-brite roof-coating product, a white reflective roof coating that better reflects sunlight. The reflective coating helps to reduce energy use, save money and reduce waste by extending the life of a roof by 15 years. The solar system and white reflective roof coating, which also helps the solar system’s production and keeps the building envelope cooler, will offset approximately 25 percent of Karnak’s electricity usage.

“We’ve made a big commitment to sustainability with our environmentally friendly product line, and now we’ve taken it one step further by lowering our carbon footprint through the production of clean, renewable energy. This, combined with our other initiatives, demonstrates our concern for preserving the environment while also working to control costs,” said Sarah Jelin, president of Karnak Corp.

Karnak recently introduced its “KANOPY” product line, which offers products that protect the environment, save energy and reduce waste. In order for Karnak products to qualify for the KANOPY label, they must either be lower in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than other product alternatives, reduce energy consumption, reduce waste or reduce the “heat island effect,” which occurs when an area gets hotter than other nearby rural areas.

Such products include a fibered aluminum coating, a rubberized aluminum coating and white reflective roof coatings, including the 501 Elasto-Brite coating that was used in this project.

In addition to the solar system, Karnak has a recycling program for plastics and metals in the office, and a recycling program for scraps in the manufacturing facility. When applicable, Karnak also uses recycled materials in the production process, as well as water from its water runoff capturing system.

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