ASC Steel Deck, a steel roof and floor deck manufacturer, announced plans to unveil a new structural sidelap connection system called the DeltaGrip DG4 Tool on Nov. 8 at the National Council of Structural Engineers Associations’ Structural Engineering Summit, held next week in Anaheim, Calif.

In a Nov. 2 news release announcing the launch, ASC Steel Deck said the new tool builds upon the previously proven success of ASC Steel Deck’s original DeltaGrip system with added benefits, including higher connection strength, faster cycle times, and increased durability. 

The pneumatic tool employs a quadruple punch through three layers of steel, delivering a durable punch crimping action that interlocks the connection between deck panels at the side laps. The company said the new interlock creates a stronger, more durable connection than a screwed sidelap and is most comparable to a ‘welded’ sidelap connection. 

ASC Steel Deck added that, compared to the previous DeltaGrip generation, the re-engineered DG4 Tool boosts connection strength by up to 26% and stiffness by up to 48%. The tool's optimized four-tooth punch and strengthened steel frame generate 35% more crimping force, amplifying the punching forces to form an incredibly secure mechanical connection between panels. 

An end-of-cycle air dump valve reduces cycle times by 17% across all steel gauges. Upgraded components like braided air lines and a rugged handle further improve reliability in the field.

DeltaGrip DG4 Tool.jpgThe company added that the DeltaGrip DG4 Tool reduces labor costs through faster installation than fastening with screws while eliminating the need for welds; without the need for sidelap fasteners, it also eliminates related material expenses. 

"We are thrilled to introduce the DeltaGrip DG4 Tool as the new standard for the fastest and most cost-effective steel roof deck sidelap connection," said Dave Golden, ASC Steel Deck sales manager. "This latest innovation again confirms ASC Steel Deck’s commitment to providing our customers and engineers with the latest tools and resources that maximize performance, durability, and safety."

If you plan to attend the 2023 NCSEA Structural Engineering Summit, visit ASC Steel at Booth No. 104 at the exhibit hall entrance at the Disneyland Hotel. 

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