Cleveland-based Viking Products Group, a manufacturer of roofing solutions to distributors, contractors, and building owners, announced the addition of a new line of single-ply membranes during the 2023 International Roofing Expo in Dallas. Called Stronghold, the product line is positioned as a thermoplastic single-ply membrane for roof replacements.

The Stronghold product line of single-ply membranes offers a new set of options by Viking for contractors involved in full roof replacements. Available in polyvinyl chloride [PVC] and ketone ethylene ester [KEE] formulations. The company has highlighted its durability, chemical resistance, and lightweight.

“With Stronghold, we’re able to solve a problem for our customers that we weren’t able to previously,” a Viking representative said in a statement. “It’s exciting to bring new solutions that help contractors find the best possible outcome for a given building, whether it’s repair, restoration, or in the case of Stronghold, replacement.”

The Stronghold line expands Viking’s existing range of repair and restoration products, including GreenSlope ponding water repair compound, Leadax Armored Flashing, RepairBoss drains and repair coatings and mastics, and StormBreaker restoration coatings.

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