Barricade Building Products, a leader in innovative construction solutions, unveiled its latest offering, the ThermoPro Rigid Insulation System, now available in two variations: the metallic reflective facer and the poly facer with a clear facer on the back.

In a release, Barricade said the ThermoPro Rigid Insulation System represents an "advancement in insulation technology, designed to provide exceptional thermal performance without the need for transitioning to 2x6 studs," which enables builders to meet new 2021 IECC code requirements seamlessly.

With the metallic reflective facer, the ThermoPro Rigid Insulation System actively addresses moisture management concerns while ensuring energy efficiency. Similarly, the poly facer with a clear back facilitates a balanced approach, offering durability and enhanced structural support, along with an increased focus on environmental sustainability.

"Our goal at Barricade Building Products has always been to provide our customers with top-of-the-line solutions that combine innovation and practicality," said Darcy Overby, director of national sales at Barricade Building Products. "The launch of the ThermoPro Rigid Insulation System in multiple facer options signifies our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the construction industry and enabling builders to achieve superior performance while staying compliant with the latest code requirements."

The ThermoPro Rigid Insulation System reinforces Barricade Building Products' dedication to delivering products that meet and exceed industry standards, empowering builders to create sustainable and energy-efficient structures.

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