The Seal Company, a Tampa, Fla.-based background verification company helping contractors verify employee backgrounds, announced the hiring of Lisa White as its new vice president of business development.

In a late September news release, the company said White comes to the firm with more than 25 years of trade experience, including 20-plus years at Nexstar Network. 

“My purpose in joining The Seal is to find easy solutions for contractors to get things done and lessen their work and stress load,” White said. “One of my missions is to help contractors provide home and business owners with an easy-to-use verification system that verifies that the service tech they are letting into their home has passed a thorough background check.” 

Seal Co. said it helps service businesses develop their reputation management program by giving customers a chance to confirm the credentials of their service technician, and it provides them with a quick option to leave a review after the service is complete.

“I truly believe in the saying, ‘trust but verify,’ and this product helps consumers do that,” White added. “Our platform is easy to use and works to benefit service companies in building their reputation management program.” 

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