Jobber, an operations management software developer for home service businesses, announced a new integration with Gusto, an online platform offering small businesses payroll, employee benefits, and HR solutions. 

In a September 20 news release, Jobber said the integration allows users to automatically sync timesheets and reimbursable expenses from Jobber to Gusto, ensuring accurate, on-time, and compliant payroll. 

“Payroll is critical to get right, especially in a competitive labor market like home service, yet managing payroll can be one of the trickiest and time-consuming responsibilities home service companies face, especially when job timelines change and unexpectedly push employees into overtime,” said Sam Pillar, CEO and co-founder of Jobber. 

“Jobber’s integration with Gusto automates and simplifies this core task by allowing information to flow seamlessly between the two platforms,” Pillar added. “No matter your company size, this partnership will make payday a lot less stressful for you and your team.”

The company said by integrating with Gusto, payroll can be set to ‘AutoPilot’ mode, and tasks completed “in just a few minutes.” It can be run as often as a user needs each month at no extra cost. The company added that its users have found that, after switching to Gusto, they save an average of five hours per month running payroll. 

Jobber - Payroll Image.jpg“Our experience with the Jobber and Gusto integration thus far has been nothing short of fantastic,” said Catherine Hemphill Burns, owner of Tranquillitas Living LLC. “The valuable time it’s giving us back is truly remarkable and something we are immensely grateful for.”  

In addition to simplifying payday, the company said firms could use the Jobber-Gusto collaboration to automatically file taxes, help with compliance, and identify tax credits that help users save money. Additional features include: 

Sync just timesheets, or timesheets and reimbursable expenses, from Jobber to Gusto. Reimbursable expenses are automatically synced to Gusto as soon as they are added in Jobber. 

Add team members to Jobber and Gusto, and they’ll be matched to ensure their timesheets and reimbursable expenses are sent from Jobber to Gusto to be paid out when you run payroll.

Set custom overtime rules to calculate and apply overtime pay to employee paychecks automatically.

“Jobber has demonstrated that they are at the forefront of operations management for service professionals,” said Sonya Jamula, vice president of Channel Partnerships at Gusto. “With Gusto as the No. 1 rated platform for payroll, benefits, and more … we can empower small business owners to streamline operations.”

The Gusto integration is available to U.S. Jobber customers on the Connect and Grow plans. A subscription to Gusto is required. 

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